Tuesday, September 18, 2012


When I was young, wild and free ( no weeds though haha) I love crafts,colorful papers and anything hand made goodness! After college, I was drowned with work and I forgot all about these amazing goodies. Crochets, water colors, cross-stitch, embroidery, scrapbooking and my creative imagination were locked in a cellar 6 feet under. It was a thing of the past.

Thank goodness creativity is alive in the presence of my wedding supplier friends such as Vatel Manila and Fozzy Book. And thus I am excited about the future ^_^ I'm starting to dig deep and resurface the  once creative Sweet there was :)

And Im gonna start with listing down my favorite blogs on crafts and designs ( aside from the two above :

1. Bugs and Fishes 
2. Etsy
4. Cluck Cluck Sew
5. Dear Lizzy 
6. Pink TeaCup
7. Crochet Geek
8. Two Peas in A Bucket ( online store)
9. Happy Together
10. Daily Digi
11. The Long Thread
12. Cute Tape 
13. How About Orange
14. All Around Us 
15. Felt and Wire  ( store)
16. My Paper Crane
17. Spoolofthread ( BC)
18. gotcraft ( BC)
19. talkcraftytome
20. flourish calligraphy
21. Feelin Crafty
22. dandee design
23. Ginko Paper
24. Crafts Unleashed
25. Gerbera Designs
26. Gantsilyo Guru ( Crochet) - I attended her crochet workshop!
27. Tinythingsarecute 
28. Craft Gawker
29. Fancypantsdesigns
30. A Beautiful Mess
31. Oh Lovely Things
32. The Ink Nest
33. OhsoBeautifulpaper
and I'll add up more blogs once I discover them :)

What is on the other side? ( Vancouver, BC)

In my calculation, I might be leaving my beloved country in two months. It only makes me wonder what is waiting for me on the other side of the globe. I started to research on a lot of things about Vancouver, of course first stop was fashion hahaha! This is my chance to wear those lovely coats and eye candy boots ( rainproof!) but since I love to travel,  I also took time in researching what this city can offer. I embedded few beautiful videos below :

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mrs. Superman

My first blog...as Mrs. DLS ^_^

After the very busy month of May here I am back to my little nook in the cyberspace. Our wedding was one happy day with all the family and friends who joined us! I'm excited to blog about the details, pictures, videos and our dearest wedding suppliers! For now I'd like to share our Same day edit Video brought to us by a dear friend in the industry, Master Videographer - Chug Cadiogan


Monday, April 9, 2012

Superman's 30th Birthday

From now on, we will be spending our birthdays together :) I love you superman!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

the hours are long, the days are short

It's 8pm.

image from http://liveandsucceed.com/law-of-attraction/

Later by 9:50PM, Superman will arrive and this time around he will be staying for 45 days...
I am having an unexplainable feeling right now, it's a mixture of happiness and (wedding) jitters!

45 days of sunshine coming up and then the rest will be a lovely history!

Can't wait to sign as Mrs de los Santos ^_^

Friday, March 16, 2012




Wedding Invitation Front cover handpainted by Abba Mendoza of The Goldfish pool

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Alvin and I are very happy! My application finally arrived at  the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada office in Mississauga, Ontario this morning ( in Canada). Whew, one step closer. I'm a bit nervous and excited at the same time. It's like applying for a "new life" away from the dearest people I've known for the past 30 years.

We spent countless days making sure we covered all our bases, Alvin  and I engaged in some petty, sweet fights along the way, laughing in between because of the mind blowing details we needed to accomplish. I say everything will be worth it in God's perfect time. We hope to get my application approved in the shortest possible time without any problems! ( calling all the angels and saints in heaven)

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you my love...Kahit saan pa tayo dalhin ng tadhana..*wapak!*

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh happy day : First Anniversary

February 11, 2011
 - I said yes to forever *fade in romantik musik*  hehe :)

You are an answered prayer, Happy Anniversary love!


My little gift for you this day :

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ready to roll : what's in my 2012 suitcase

Hello world.

This is my second blog post this 2012. Wow, so much for 2011! Many great things happened, I got busier and yes my 30 before 30 project was put on hold. I tried a couple of times to start a post but for no apparent reason I delay some immediate but not important things. I am happy now I know how to prioritize! 

So why am I writing again? I terribly miss it as much as I miss traveling, even with my grammatical errors and non sense post, writing liberates me. 

What’s up? I wasn’t able to travel much last year except for two Boracay trips and countless Tagaytay getaways. But 2011 was very significant. 

I turned 29, my last year on my twenties *squint*, I lost a pretty big amount of weight and I finally met the greatest gift God got me so far.  I found myself engaged to an amazing man (I’d love to share the story behind that next time) and started to get busy preparing for the big day.

Now, January 2012 is almost over and I’m welcoming my favorite month in a few days. It’s my birth month and yes I’m turning “three-zero”!  I was not disappointed that my project was put on the back burner, I am still happy for the mere fact that I’m breathing, Im in love , dreaming big dreams ( and acting on it!) and growing as a person. 

I finished reading Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin this January, I expected to learn new techniques to be happy but I was amazed that it is still the simple things that matter the most and can make you happy such as being kind and being tidy and did I mention being in love already? :p

This 2012 will be a transition phase for me.  There are a couple of important events that will happen in the duration of 12 months and I pray that I  keep my sanity until the year ends. 

Here goes :
1.       My 30th birthday – which I will be welcoming in Thunderbird Resort in La Union ( it just so happened I have a hosting gig there on the 11th of February haha)
2.       Alvin’s birthday on April 9 and he is turning 30 too! It’s his first birthday to celebrate in the Philippines after 15 years of being away  
3.       I will submit my requirements at the Canadian Embassy
4.       Oh happy day! May is the big month for me and Alvin!
5.       Singapore trip with my mom and my beloved partners in the business
6.       My passage in earning a “VP” income by second quarter of 2012
7.       My move to Canada *keeping my fingers crossed*

These are just 7 of the most important highlights 2012 has in store for me, making no. 4 and no. 7 the two toughest of them all. Perhaps I will just share my deeper thoughts on each one of these in the coming days.
It’s going to be one heck of an awesome ride this year! I will make things happen and Thank you God for it is done!

Stay in love,
we need all the powers to make things happen this 2012 :)


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